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Remote maintenance of substation

remote maintenance of substation Main features: Version RAT and RHT for high temperaturea >100°C; Version RBT and RHBT for low temperature <100°C Toshiba to Provide Remote Support Service to Tohoku Electric for Maintenance and Facility Operation of Substations. Also, it collects the historical data of the substation and generates the alarms in the event of electrical accidents or faults. All were born after 1995. Substation earthing systems are the victim of operational and intentional damage – copper theft is rife and earthing maintenance work is often identified during routine site checks and inspection. Also, the lack of standardization of information complicates the maintenance and expansion procedures. Substations are key components in the power infrastructure and must prevent the entry of trespassers or suspicious Electrical Substation maintenance is a key component of any substation owner's electrical maintenance program. Remote video surveillance supports routine maintenance and real-time equipment status supervision. Substation safety awareness has been gaining prominence, have a read through this in-depth look into several aspects of substation safety, primarily focusing on personal protective equipment (PPE) essentials, risks, danger-tackling tips and training requirements. An intelligent solution for obtaining direct current quickly and economically is provided by container substations. Safe substation maintenance. Search Substation Technician jobs hiring now. Any critical event can be listed as alarm and displayed in a separate active alarm screen. Authentication Proxy Access (APA) provides preconfigured task-based access; Detailed log of all user activity within a remote access session for compliance and audit. provide secure remote access to substations. 2013 Standard Training The Training Center of ABB AG / PSN offers product- and project-related courses for different SCADA system continuously monitors the status of various equipments in substation and accordingly sends control signals to the remote control equipments. Emerging trends in technological development have created advancement in the substation installation and maintenance. The secured tunnel created using Kalki. This is why the LCD display is so large and the dialogue in MENU mode is made easy. Electric power companies need systems that reduce the risk of breakdown in power delivery, such as blackouts and brownouts, often caused by aging infrastructure. g. Candidate can be based anywhere within the United States. AGT International installed an integrated primary substation monitoring solution at one of Elenia’s substations. important also for smaller substations (e. Thus Kalki offers remote maintenance of substation, […] Kalki. • Remote. Operation and Maintenance Management Service for Power Plant; Motor Maintenance; Introduction of Iwamizawa Works; Insulation Diagnosis Service for Medium and High Voltage Motor Coils; SF 6 Gas Recovery Service; Exterior Repair Service for Substation System; Long-term Maintenance Service for Substation System; Commissioning and Maintenance of Be proficient in the maintenance of SCADA equipment, communication link to substation or production facility, remote terminal unit (RTU), and interposing wiring to controlled devices. RAVALIKA (08281A0212) DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING KAMALA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE (Affiliated to J. To solve this problem, utilities began installing remote terminal/telemetry units (RTUs) at substations. RelCare ensures the safety, security and sustainability of crucial power assets to increase the long-term efficiency and reliability of your energy. zUtilities are increasingly looking at technologies that facilitate the remote operation and monitoring of substations, especially as the Covid crisis substation will trip to isolate the faulty circuit. Cryptography allows authentication of devices, but not all attacks can be prevented with these measures. The situation tends to get more challenging if it involves a substation or part of a grid situated in a remote location that is hard to reach because sending an engineer to troubleshoot and fix issues onsite might take a long time. Replacing the hard wired interfaces with IEC 61850 based communications interfaces allows remote access to the substation for remote testing. The monarch enterprise substation automation solution solves the operational and safety concerns that exist in other, disjointed substation automation offerings. OBJECTIVES HEATSINC offers electrical testing & commissioning, regulatory compliance, staff augmentation, operations & maintenance, system fab, & equipment rental. Infrared cameras can be added to centrally monitor power transformers, relays and switchgear status or for early fire detection. COVID-19 Precaution: Virtual Interviews Our commitment to hiring the best talent in the industry and helping them thrive professionally is stronger than ever. Low Maintenance Cost: A single device also means minimal maintenance, replacement, and inventory costs. Remote maintenance and diagnostic of the instrument is available via Ethernet. 7. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. substation has the built in ability to take one breaker out of service on a temporary basis • Scheduled maintenance orders. io including kernel and file system update • SNMP Agent/ Manager for NMS Integration • File upload/download support • Obtain and store event records and disturbance records from substation devices and sends it to local/remote centers • Network tunnelling and routing support Substation Automation System (SAS) ETAP Intelligent Substation Automation System (iSub™) picks up where other substation automation systems fall short. For substations situated in a special environment, special designs for the substation may be adopted that is subjected to the approval by CLP Power. NTAM. Also, through the use of their own telecommunications network, 'remote' revisions (telesupervisions) are performed to instantly check the working condition of an installation's equipment. E-COM 050000 at Süleyman Demirel University - Doğu Campus. operations and maintenance investment to maintain. Additionally, an improved understanding of strategies and technology for secure remote substation access The only maintenance management solution designed by substation users, for substation users. For a GIS substation The bay level equipment consists of bay control units Maintenance of secondary technology (e. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Remote Substation Electrician salaries. We will cover multiple technologies used to monitor primary equipment assets and cover in detail the various analytic tools available to utilities to determine the current and future health of their assets. Substations, which are an integral part of the transmission grid, need to keep up with these changes and adopt advanced technologies to make the future grid more resilient and flexible. Remote Enable/Disable (tti Remote video surveillance for administrators High voltage power poses a great danger to human safety, and in the process of maintenance and repair, accidents can be easily caused by improper operation. As Senior Engineer, Substation Asset Management, you will: Ensure that the business strategy for distribution substation assets is optimally developed to provide the highest levels of system reliability at the lowest possible costs. mcpheeusa. Contractor Example #2: Maintenance scan A pre-programmed maintenance scan – set to operate once a day at 9:00 in the morning – e-mails a video maintenance report to a substation supervisor. a) The SAS design must meet the necessary operational, maintenance, asset management and regulatory requirements for the remote monitoring, control and access of the substations assets in accordance with ElectraNet’s obligations as Transmission Network Service Provider. Around the world, GE Substation Automation systems are providing the answer for cost-conscious utilities in several important ways. Problems that occur in the process of managing and maintaining substations have been presented and overviewed primarily from the aspect of improving the safety of the system and savings in the power consumption as well as savings in maintenance costs. New substation maintenance technician careers are added daily on SimplyHired. Substation Automation is a sub unit of the power system automation that is controlled by remote users and receives data from Intelligent Electronics Devices within the substation. Find the right Substation Technician job with estimated salaries, company ratings, and highlights. It has been well documented that failures in key procedures such as racking mechanisms, meters, relays and busses are among the most common source of unplanned outages. Maintenance testing of hardwired protection and control systems often requires a crew to drive to a remote location to perform it. The IR900 offers reliable, uninterrupted connectivity to substations, allowing power utilities to observe the power consumption status, detect potential problems, shorten outage duration, thus improving the quality of power supply. e. The class creates a forum for comparing best practices for substation design, maintenance, and the operation of these facilities. e. g. electricity supply generators, air-conditioning technology, communication engineering, HSE facilities, building services engineering, helicopter deck and lighting equipment) Maintenance of high and medium voltage transmission from offshore substations Consider the consequences of allowing a fault to occur in a substation – depending on the severity, large portions of a grid may be left without power. According to security experts the most critical risk to the substations is the human interactions such as maintenance. This offer cannot be used towards courses already purchased or added to any other existing discounts. The power substation is around 40 kilometers away from the nearest industrial zone. These four girls - Guo Jiayu, Li Xuechun, Xu Lin and Zhang Qi - are stationed at a remote power substation in the mountains of east China's Zhejiang Province. Connection diagrams are available according with the test window. As expected, it takes full advantage of the network-based architecture. Contents include a tour of a substation yard; safety in substations; how to receive, ins A Remote Substation Electrician in your area makes on average $73,241 per year, or $1,695 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $71,546. For these remote switching functions, D. Usual maintenance sophisticated Substation Monitoring. GAI’s capabilities in substation analysis and design include site selection and development, equipment selection and physical layout, as well as protective relaying and controls. com The use of remote diagnostics enables more time for a planned response and visibility into the substation. Check the color of silica gel in breather ;it must be blue in color . • Substation client and server functionalities by maintaining a distributed architecture for gathering and controlling data on substation equipment while sending data to master stations via serial RS-232, RS-485, fibre optic or Ethernet interfaces for point to point, multi-drop and remote connections. For more data regarding miscellaneous components and technologies in substations. for maintaining power and station transformers, gas insulated switchgears as well as GIS and air proven and emerging methods to provide secure remote access to substations. TDMS operates with all Windows® versions. The operations of the substations will be done from a remote centralized location i. Smart inspection: A building management system can make inspection tasks remote or even automated, saving man-hours and fuel otherwise used on site visits. The contract covers the need for Enel Green Power España (EGPE) to replace part of the Substation Control Units (SCU) and Local SCADA (HMI) in existin The increasing number of communication data points available in new substations and the use of new protocols such as IEC 61850 add more complexity in developing, commissioning and maintaining power automation systems. introduces the RSC 1000™ to provide HVAC control and alarm monitoring for substations and remote sites with two to four HVAC systems. A MINI PROJECT REPORT ON OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF 220/132KV SUBSTATION Submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Submitted By V. Substation Integration System Bridge/Router/ Gateway/ Comms Processor Local/Remote Local UI & Applications (direct link) Local Substation LAN Individual IEDs Primary Substation) Comms Communications Link (radio, dedicated line, etc) and future) DAC Server ion, eg, on feeders, mer Substations Comms Secondary IM IED (legacy) IED (RP-3599 We value your trust and business! Safety, Quality, & Reliability Substation Services Tex-Us Substation Services prides itself on providing quality workmanship at reasonable prices. com. table of contents (continued) pacific gas and electric company substation maintenance and construction manual circuit breakers booklet Slides from the online webinar on automated thermal imaging for remote substation monitoring. In is substation, the power transmission can be done by using a transmission bus to transmission lines. Send remote com­mands and react to outages. with remote substations to prevent cascading blackouts • All coordination studies and relay settings protection components in substation ♦ Maintenance Multiple layers are necessary to ensure the cybersecurity of substations. Smart substation source maintenance technology includes unified modeling of full station data which meets IEC61850 standard; model mapping between the SCD files based on IEC61850 standard and the CIM files based on IEC61970 standard [2]; smart remote technology which uses IEC61850 standard protocol as the communication protocol between smart s transformer substations, originally designed for a merely unidirec- • Remote maintenance, remote diagnos-tics, and remote parameterizing Currently, substation maintenance—regular or emergency—operations and best practices must fit the utility’s goal of accomplishing more with less, in order to maximize assets and minimize outages. A breakdown can have extensive negative effects to the customers and communities they serve. The goal of this webinar is to show you how SCADA testing can be done remotely that you would normally do onsite to maintain and commission a substation. The C. energy. Cellwatch Frontier tests substation batteries daily to ensure that they will work when called upon. Learn more about how automated thermal imaging can help you implement condition based maintenance for critical substation assets. The substation standard specifies equipment must operate at full specified temperature ratings without cooling fans so they are virtually maintenance free. By replacing hardwired interfaces with IEC 61850-based communications interfaces, utilities can have remote access to the substation for remote testing. This increased access will provide BPA and other utilities with greater flexibility in utilizing operational and maintenance data from sensors and systems. McPhee Electric – Project Manager, Utility Division McPhee Electric, Ltd is a regional leader in design, installation and maintenance services for utility construction, electrical contracting, industrial and energy…To learn more visit www. The SMP Gateway is one of Eaton's grid automation system solutions. if it is turned pink then recondition it or replace it 8. Figure 5 shows the SA system architecture for remote monitoring, management, security, and maintenance of unmanned energy substations and related sites. Replacing the hard wired interfaces with IEC 61850 based communications interfaces allows remote access to the substation for remote testing. is remote access to an IED by passing through or looping through the substa-tion integration architecture and isolat-ing a particular IED in the substation. Westinghouse Electric Corporation prepared a System Requirements Specification for a “Substation Control and Protection System” for EPRI Research Project RP-1359-1 in April 1980 [3] and maintenance requirements, GIS designs lower the likelihood of equipment failure and maximize substation power availability. Substations located in remote locations are difficult to access and perform maintenance on and the mechanical components are among the first things to fail. WEB BASED SUBSTATION REMOTE MONITORING AND MAINTENANCE Yves CHOLLOT - Martine PAULETTO Schneider Electric Industries - France Yves_Chollot@mail. fr Martine_Pauletto@mail. The ease of operation has been the first goal of STS 5000. Automated & Remote Thermal Imaging Monitoring. To solve these problems, a remote maintenance technology for substation automation equipment based on general service protocol (GSP) is first proposed in this paper, and the brand new system architecture is designed which involves the service management center, the maintenance center, and substations. g. Step-up Type Substation . Data Warehouse The corporate data warehouse enables users to access substation data while maintaining a firewall to substation con-trol and operation functions. IO Remote Device Maintenance is a secure, cloud-based service that allows you to establish secure communication tunnel with the devices or assets anywhere in the world. com. control cubicles, remote control, mimic schemes, gas zone, unmanned substations, etc. Find the right Substations Electrical Engineer job with estimated salaries, company ratings, and highlights. You can even use EnergyIP SDM without a remote connection to the substation, just by uploading the substation data via a laptop with an internet connection while performing a maintenance task in the substation. Abnormal temperatures can be automatically detected ahead of planned maintenance and As far as old substations are concerned, by investing a few lakhs, they could also be modified to be remotely operated. Candidate can be based anywhere within the United States. SUBNET’s My Passwords™ software module helps you manage the thousands of IED passwords at all of your substations. Rugged: SYNC 2100 are rugged enough for substation use and comply with IEC 61850-3. Transformer maintenance. 2014) - 2 - 19. Vacuum and dry air capabilities are optional. A transmission substation connects two or more transmission lines. remote control and preventive maintenance. com Job Description The project manager will manage, direct and coordinate all aspects of project life cycle of multiple and simultaneous Aimen Abd-el-azim: Digital substation is about combining new technologies and processes to make the electrical network smarter, more safe, compact, cyber secure and use substation data to actively improve the design, installation, operation, and maintenance for distribution and transmission facilities. fr INTRODUCTION The deregulation of energy markets is bringing about major changes in the Utilities, with new players involved in The remote access to transmission and distribution substation is the future for the maintenance and operations of the electrical grid. Personal protective equipment is an integral part of substation safety requirements. Centralizes management of user remote access A transmission substation connects two or more transmission lines. allows modern Ethernet-based IEDs to be connected on to the substation LAN, but it will not easily allow for implementation of remote engineering access or substation automation. To avoid standstills in the substations and to remedy them quickly, we assume full responsibility for performing all necessary measures: We provide 24/7 remote monitoring via a control room and on-site switching, fault clearance and regular inspection and maintenance or elementary components. Presented at the 5th Annual Clemson University Power Systems Conference Clemson, South Carolina March 14–17, 2006 Previously presented at the Preventive maintenance of multiple substations Since 2002 Siemens is awarded with preventive maintenance contracts of more than 80 high-voltage substations in Kuwait. Substation Maintenance I Substation Maintenance II When registering use Promo Code: NOVEMBER *This offer can only be applied to courses registered after October 17, 2017 and attended on or before November 30, 2017. To solve these problems, a remote maintenance technology for substation automation equipment based on General Service Protocol (GSP) is firstly proposed in this paper, and the brand new system Implementing a Predictive Maintenance Strategy for Substation Computers. Substation maintenance is a herculean task for energy providers. IEC 61850 standard is evolved and the monitoring devices are being made following this standard. Substations form an integral part of the power network and, are prone to threats such as vandalism, metal theft or SCADA system attacks. Designed with advanced maintenance-free electronics, the ThermalSpection™ 724 system offers a high degree of accuracy for demanding electric power utilities while accurately measuring asset temperature without contact in even the most adverse environments. This includes the transparency and focus on investments as well as a fast reaction time for all events in the grid – even via remote maintenance. @article{osti_81442, title = {Intelligent devices simplify remote SCADA installations in substations}, author = {Kopriva, V J}, abstractNote = {Utilities are increasingly relying on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems for the effective and economical management of electric transmission and distribution systems. N-14878 Remote-end Modification Works For 132kV Cable Circuits at BHYG 2015 - 2016 : N12258A Nahda 132/33KV Primary Substation Project, Installation Subcontract – UAE : UAE 2015 - 2016 : EPC Contract: N14320 BNPP 220/33KV Mobile Substation – Additional Works, UAE. com. Radiflow 3180 security gateways are used to secure the substation’s network during the maintenance process. IED parameterization comes to remote monitoring and maintenance, for example, IoT data integration enables lower costs, reduced time to repair, and even completely new business models and revenue streams—ideal for meeting the competitive challenges of the digital age. Remote Substation Monitoring in Utility Operations Industry Use Case Challenge Large transformers in many distribution grids are approaching expected end-of-life. Ingeteam is awarded an important contract for the renewal of the substation remote control systems of Enel Green Power España, S. Maintenance of Transformers . Time Synchronisation : The RTU provide improved latency support through time synchronization and millisecond time stamping resolution. Predictive maintenance testing of substation breakers and transformers; Power frequency testing; Operator/Maintenance . • Streamlined maintenance costs, increased asset availability and smarter capital expenditure planning . transformer substations to be monitored and controlled remotely. Because the health of our employees and candidates is a top priority, we will be conducting our hiring process virtually and conducting According to my friends at Power Grid International, virtualization is the key to modernizing substations and reducing outages because this model utilizes artificial intelligence to enable remote, real time, centralized monitoring and maintenance. remote location to perform maintenance testing [4–6]. –Can be used as a replacement for a Windows Terminal Server (jump host). According to my friends at Power Grid International, virtualization is the key to modernizing substations and reducing outages because this model utilizes artificial intelligence to enable remote, real time, centralized monitoring and maintenance. This course • Transparent/tunnelling support for remote management of substation devices (IEDs/ RTUs) • Remote device management using kalki. The Opportunity:: The Lead Project Engineer will work in the Interconnection & Remote Monitoring System Design Unit and will be responsible of the all phases of the design of step-up substation, HV line for the plant…, but not limited to: - Coordinate design for step up substation, transmission line and control system with internal and external specialists… substation digital twins, fault localization software, remote monitoring and control solutions, substation security, cybersecurity, safety programs for isolated workers; And many other solutions to improve the reliability of their network, maintenance costs, the safety conditions of their workers and the environmental impact of their substations. You will learn about remote testing strategies & a tool called Distributed Test Manager(DTM) that can be used from a remote set up. The Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), shall be installed at Substations to acquire analog data and digital data. • Remote maintenance (vendor and internal staff), e. the design of distribution substations, including substations located at ground floor, basement, upper floor level including at high level in high rise building and outdoor areas. This is a remote/virtual position. 6 CIP Substation Change Control P r o j e c t / W o r k I n t i a t i t e d C I P S u b s t a t i o n / C y b e r needed A s s e t s 7 Consultant D A Y S 2 3 D A Y S CIP Consultant Project Initiators SFE -Substation Field Engineering Maintenance Trailers. Enables quick, easy, and automated connection to substation devices. Compact digital substation container solutions for DC traction power supply Traction power supply requires powerful, reliable, low-maintenance, compact substations. The solution with a RTU based station controller supports direct hardwired I/Os and Substation Automation System (SAS) provides protection, control, automation, monitoring, and communication capabilities as a part of a comprehensive substation control and monitoring solution. Otherwise, companies have to pay for it. Field workers face this reality daily. It uses a large power transformer for enhancing the voltage level for transmitting to the remote locations. This is important in This is a remote/virtual position. It is designed to manage the entire remote facility. Figure 1. Substation’s engineering, of product and process, allows high quality combined with high energy efficiency. The main reason to lay gravel in the substation yard is to reduce Ground Potential Rise (GPR) AKA Step Voltage and Touch Voltage which may be defined as follow: Ground Potential Rise (GPR): The maximum electrical potential that a substation grounding grid may attain relative to a distant grounding point assumed to be at the potential of remote earth. Additionally, an improved understanding of strategies and technology for secure remote substation access Substation Control Remote Control (RTUs) maintenance thanks to their continuous self-monitoring capability. the time, likely developed in the power industry with remote sensing of operation status in Chicago around 1912. With outstanding advantages in intelligent power distribution, energy efficiency management, automation solutions, etc. The former have circuit breakers and cable connecting to other substations while the latter has circuit breaker and cable connecting to 11kV/LV transformer. New substation maintenance engineer careers are added daily on SimplyHired. . Substation maintenance can present a potential risk of a power outage, but with a remote maintenance box from DEIF, the load is easily transferred from the substation to a generator so that you safely can perform maintenance of the de-energised substation without risking a power outage. There are three primary challenges for navigation around an offshore substation: low visibility, high provided by SCADA systems can improve preventive maintenance scheduling and cut associated costs. Additional savings would be realized with corrective maintenance, by lengthening future maintenance cycles as a result of more advanced asset management tools. We offer support for initiatives including greenfield siting and permitting, upgrades and expansions, and system automation and control design. COVID-19 Precaution: Virtual Interviews Our commitment to hiring the best talent in the industry and helping them thrive professionally is stronger than ever. The remote control terminal for electric maintenance robot in substation Abstract: In this paper, we design and implement a remote control terminal for the substation operation robot. The RTAM will co -ordinate the maintenance aspect of the substation from a centralized location and will act as a backup to the NTA M for operation. Check Oil level in main tank & OLTC tank. Monitor, verify and maintain the accuracy of SCADA commands, statuses and programed functions. An intelligent communication s network is a foundation Classification Responsibilities: A Substation Electrician performs highly skilled, journey-level electrical work in the operation, construction, maintenance, and repair of high voltage electric substations, and other related electrical and mechanical equipment associated with high voltage electric substations. A comprehensive solution both for the renovation of existing substations and for new installations. SESCO engineers, designs, and manufactures mobile insulating oil filtration systems for small transformer, tap changer, and breaker installation and maintenance. The software displays station single-line diagrams, trends, and tabular data, and includes a full-featured display editor that enables creation of custom views and symbols. As a result, workers can remain safely beyond the arc flash range and still have the ability to complete service and maintenance. UAE 2014 - 2015 Use advanced pro­tec­tion schemes to improve the reli­a­bil­i­ty of your sub­sta­tion network. • Telecontrol and protection systems Remote monitoring through router/modem Remote maintenance Typical system configuration of the GSC1000 is The station level equipment consists of duplicated station computer, an operator work-station, a printer, a GPS receiver, and the station bus. Station Level Solutions provide a central database, HMI, and gateway functionality at the substation level. motors serve a vital role as remote motor operators. 477 substation maintenance engineer jobs available. Automated password management enables you and utility personnel to focus on your job – better operation, maintenance, and management of your many assets – rather than spending your time trying to gain access to IEDs. Engineers can also access the substation remotely to perform routine maintenance such as IED configuration. This increased access will provide utilities with greater flexibility in utilizing operational and maintenance data from sensors and systems. Apply to Engineer, Specialist, Controls Engineer and more! In addition to providing data concentrator, protocol translator and logic processor functions, the SMP Gateway features an integrated HMI and facilitates secure remote access for maintenance to substation and field devices, reducing operating costs and increasing productivity. 425 Manager Transmission Substation Maintenance jobs available on Indeed. With this technology, the human effort for maintenance, repair, and replacement would be reduced. SMART SUBSTATION SOLUTION FOR ELECTRICITY Remote This position will be fully remote until offices reopen. The RMB is used with genset(s) controlled by AGC-4 Mk II to take over the load from the equipment to be maintained. While the initial savings on physical hardware and decreased wiring may be appealing, the engineer must consider the maintenance and operational environment that the system must perform within. You will learn about remote testing strategies & a tool called Distributed Test Manager(DTM) that can be used from a remote set up. We believe in the power of connection and collaboration and we seek to build relationships that mean something. Pre­pare for and min­i­mize out­ages and min­i­mize with redun­dant networks. It is a high priority task if any unplanned incidents, errors should be identified as soon as possible. Keen interest in asset management and experience of either design, construction or operation & maintenance of Substation. The general layout and design ideas of the system are analyzed. Secure access from one substation to another by authorized engineers for performing remote maintenance on devices located within the Electronic Secured perimeter (ESP). These In many cases, maintenance is just too costly, especially for remote substations that require extensive support and equipment hauled across long distances. With unprecedented functionality, expansion and built-in security, this Linux-based RTU facilitates a common and uniform secure vision for substation I/O and communications. DEIF’s Remote Maintenance Box (RMB) is a remote management tool for safe maintenance at transformer substations or other electrical installations. G. schneider. April 8, 2020. Join the event to find out how you can use RelCare for your own substation needs. In the power system utility, monitoring is a key-tool for utilities in order to shift from corrective or time-based maintenance strategies to predictive maintenance, especially for switchyards located at remote locations. The substation communication networks are part of the solution. Figure 1 illustrates the typical situation today. Aging equipment could lead to failures that cause logic processing, it provides a built-in HMI and secure remote maintenance access to substation and field devices, reducing operating costs and increasing productivity for a large variety of applications. A transmission station may have: 1. C. Because the health of our employees and candidates is a top priority, we will be conducting our hiring process virtually and conducting Remote Substation Access System •What is it? –Provides for remote “engineering” (manual) access to all substation devices (IEDs) in a secure fashion. The low-stress way to find your next substation maintenance technician job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Six months to one year of advanced study or training in Substation maintenance and safety; 2-3 years experience, through apprenticeship or Senior P&C Substation Designer- remote. This course provides guidelines for management and maintenance of substation primary equipment such as Load Tap Changers (LTC), Transformers, Breakers, etc. Therefore, to overcome such challenges, maintenance crews have to be properly equipped and trained for these everyday demanding tasks. Improves the detection and restriction of faults in low and medium voltage networks as well as various maintenance and connection operations. Two remote control applications that employ DC motors are circuit switchers in electrical transmission and distribution substations in the utilities industry and rail track switches in the transportation industry. The modern smart grid benefits from advances in built-in communication technology. Without a doubt, this includes the line workers, but it also includes nearly every member of the staff whose duties are performed outside of the controlled The different process interface devices communicate with the central substation device using the required IEC 61850 services. The goal of this webinar is to show you how SCADA testing can be done remotely that you would normally do onsite to maintain and commission a substation. • Substations were located in remote areas and equipment also needed to be placed in kiosks in the substation yard, creating a challenge for on-site maintenance • Substations needed to service increasing demand for both domestic and industrial electricity consumption across more than 25,000 kilometers • Facility protects, monitors and a substation high security domain to an external HMI system. Remote systems or external stations can be easily connected to the control center using a wide range of transmission paths. Outstation hardware: Remote substation control devices, such as state of charge, current transformer (CT), voltage transformer (VT), fuel valves, and CB that can be controlled locally or remotely. Locate fail­ures with­in your net­work, safe time and min­i­mize out­age duration. Utilities and cyber security auditors are increasingly considering not only the control centre as critical attack vector, but also substations as potential entry points for cyber attacks. corrective maintenance procedures or periodic maintenance practices. Owl EPDS two server solution, using a pair of Owl Send/ Receive cards, was integrated with the HMI system and now transfers data from the substation to the HMI platform at a remote monitoring center. 2. 11. Kawasaki, Japan — Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Toshiba ESS) and Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Toshiba DS) today announced that the companies have delivered their remote support service with smart glasses to the Tohoku Electric Power Co. Traction power design practices are evolving through the refinement and adoption of “smart” substation standards and a proliferation of new hardware and software technology which provides enhanced capabilities and greater flexibility for transit agencies to more effectively operate, maintain and secure critical power distribution infrastructure and substation equipment and grounds within and including the fenced perimeter of existing substations that may include, but is not limited to: ( 1) Maintenance and replacement of transformers and breakers; (2) Servicing and testing of equipment at existing substations, including oil changeouts; (3) Installation or replacement of bushings; provide secure remote access to substations. See full list on electrical-engineering-portal. Analysis processes are utilized to manage the collected data for the purpose of system monitoring, evaluation, control, protection, and automation. The maintenance paragraphs give real life experiences from existing GIS technology that has been in service for a number of years. Chapter 3 discusses current grid-scale power electronic systems, defines SSPS technology more clearly, and explains their benefits. The enhanced protection of GIS also can improve substation reliability by 1,000 percent and cut maintenance and inventory costs because fewer components are required. DEIF’s Remote Maintenance Box (RMB) is a remote management tool for the safe maintenance at transformer substations or other electrical installations and operation in scenarios that require the interface/operator panel to be located close to the connection points. Remote monitoring of substation equipment is used to take advantage of present information technology to reduce operating costs while loading that equipment closer to nameplate ratings and deferring expenditures. Switching device remote control Protection maintenance module (Includes Engineering module) (option) (option) (option) All substation events are displayed and can be exported to a file. Option 3: SMS Deployment This option replaces the existing RTUs with a SMS deployment that allows for implementation Maintenance, thus reducing the number of outages, improving quality of service and reducing costs. facilitate the strategy and planning of subsequent maintenance works on substations. 319 substation maintenance technician jobs available. Our team of professional technicians work with you to ensure that the job is completed safely, on time and on budget. Transmission & Distribution Asset Analytics, December 8, 2020. They need to monitor the assets 24*7 in order to know the health status. network and allows remote visualization of the database Jin Hua developed a Support System for High Voltage Electric Equipment Condition-based Maintenance of Transformer Substation based on The centre enables centralised monitoring, operations and maintenance (O&M) of all substations, and remote O&M of transmission assets. The supplied RTUs shall also be used to control of station devices from Master Stations. Continuous thermal monitoring improves the reliability of power delivery systems while reducing maintenance costs. Analog data includes KW export, KW import, frequency, OLTC, power factor, maximum demand, planned outage duration & numbers, forced outage duration & numbers, electricity consumed locally, MVA capacity of Sub-Station, length of Transmission lines, etc. Remote indication, control, metering, and methods of communication are often provided so that systems and portions of systems can be monitored from a central point. This dual ability reduces the possibility of communication failures and the impact of power outages and can reduce development and maintenance costs. The CPT is designed to solve all communication and data processing needs with a substation’s protection, control and metering equipment, providing new functions that make most of the information available to these units. Typical applications of the SMP SG-4260 Gateway SCADA gateway – with its support for essentially all industry In this video, Marion Labatut explains, how the digital substation helps operate the grid in a more efficient way over the entire lifecycle of its assets. The solution enables you to service your substation without interrupting the power supply to your customers and limits exposure to risks. Figure 1 – Remote terminal unit. Reduced maintenance increases uptime The testing of hardwired protection and control systems requires a crew to drive to (in many cases) a remote location to perform maintenance testing [4,5,6]. 12 days ago. This TB provides an overview of the existing applications of robotics in substations for construction, inspection, maintenance, and operation. Frontier integrates into SCADA using DNP3 or Modbus to centralize monitoring of every remote battery and integrate battery monitoring into existing maintenance procedures. for the next 3 years. This increased access will provide BPA and other utilities with greater flexibility in utilizing operational and maintenance data from sensors and systems. Even reporting functions can be be utilised i. To safeguard remote substations from external threats, electric utilities are relying on durable thermal cameras for superior monitoring and protection. 2. The SAS600 station level solutions provide remote control and monitoring functions for all kinds of substations from distribution level to extra-high-voltage substations. The main objective of substations is to generate and transmit power. , Heyuan Intelligence independently developed a set of unattended substation monitoring system-substation operation and maintenance management system. K&A Engineering Consulting – White Plains, NY is a people-first organization. Predictive Maintenance, namely those based on Risk INTRODUCTION Currently EDP D is operating more than 65,000 MV/LV secondary substations equipped with one or more transformers which have MV levels ranging from 30 kV Chapter 2 introduces the various types of substations considered in this roadmap, presents the various components that make up a substation, and discusses the current challenges they face and utility concerns. Remote control and remote maintenance have since become the established standard in communication. Trip trail by draining oil in Buchholz relay 10. , PC with local substation HMI and historical data archiving) and is designed for Data Mart integration – Ability to push data From substation to enterprise Data Mart based on time, demand or event triggered – Enterprise Data Mart can pull data from local Data Mart in substation . L. 01. Most of us have heard of or have personally experienced power blackouts as a result of poorly maintained power grids and substations. g. Local substation processors : Collect data from the field instruments and hardware equipment, including the RTU, PLC and intelligent electronic A remote terminal unit (RTU) is a microprocessor-controlled electronic device that interfaces objects in the physical world to a distributed control system or SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system by transmitting telemetry data to a master system, and by using messages from the master supervisory system to control connected objects. Both oper- GAI’s experienced specialists provide energy clients full-range services for substation and protection & controls engineering, maintenance support, and upgrade. Other duties as assigned by supervisor. Redundancy protocols such as PRP are used to improve the reliability of the system. • Remote access to centralized disturbance records upon trip signal or periodically or from local IED in proprietary or converted IEEE COMTRADE format. Controllers & Remote Terminal Units From new installations to general maintenance, expansion, and rebuild work, CVE has successfully completed hundreds of high-voltage, switchyard, and interconnect substations in locations ranging from remote environments to dense urban areas nationwide. This connection presents new challenges for the technology. –Optional: Integrated with (automated) file extraction as part of an overall data integration solution. It will cover the following protocols: DNP3, Modbus, IEC 60870-5, IEC 61850, and ICCP. T. Here's a comprehensive reference on how to operate and maintain all the essential components of substations: power transformers, circuit breakers, capacitors, reactors, regulators, protective relays, control systems, and batteries. g. the Substation Automation System (e. com. Electrical distribution systems involve many remote applications and sites, and monitoring and controlling these sites has often been difficult. Maintenance center Remote control center Router/ firewall/VPN *Available Ethernet topologies Centralized ring, decentralized ring or multiple networks SAS605 Basic Automation Solution Flexible and maintenance-free solution for safe remote control and monitoring. We offer emergency services and repairs on demand. After a substation has been commissioned the client usually request an extended period during which the operation of the substation or plant is adjusted or optimizes to realize full functionality. With maintenance budgets tightening and power demands changing, real-time remote access to your substation equipment can save you time and money – without necessarily having to replace what you’ve got. The simplest case is where all transmission lines have the same voltage. Robotic inspection can provide a retrofit solution, improving safety for human personnel by removing them from a potentially hazardous environment, and also reduce operational costs. Traditional Substation and Business System Architectures As shown in Figure 2, modern substation architectures using networking technology, physical and cyber-security infrastructure, and standards-based With maintenance budgets tightening and power demands changing, real-time remote access to your substation equip-ment can save you time and money – without necessarily having to replace what you’ve got. Airfield Pavement Maintenance Remote . The supervisor can click on any one of the images on the left side of the e-mail and see an enlarged picture. U, Hyderabad) SINGAPUR, KARIMNAGAR Thus, remote monitoring of electrical parameters for different nodes of a substation is becoming important and research works have been started since the last three decades in order to make their operation automatic. #1 Remote monitoring lets businesses upgrade and control products in the ield. remote maintenance, and the integration Smart substation features developed during the prepara-tion stage for the application of IEC 61850 to establish com- The use of substation supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is one of the key points on the power grid automation, as well as on the utilities asset management, improving its monitoring and control capabilities, because of collected data by the whole substation automation system, like the intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), Remote InHand Networks is a global leader in Industrial IoT with product portfolio including industrial M2M routers, gateways, industrial Ethernet switches, industrial computers and IoT management platforms. A caveat to this weighty goal is to accomplish more with less with a reduced workforce and under tight budgets. Transformers to convert between two transmission Transmission substation. View 2017_v1_smart substation solution for electricity(12p). The application of robots could improve personal safety, enhance operation and maintenance efficiency, and provide comprehensive information for asset management. Most substations are designed to operate unattended. We value knowledge and learning. So the monitoring of substations is required, in order to reduce the outages that take place. Apply to Operations Manager, Project Manager, Construction Manager and more! Substation safety: Quest Controls Inc. Important risk factors are the processes, how the commissioning of the protection and control systems are realized and how remote maintenance access is implemented. SUBSTATION MONITORING CENTER FACTS DATA END USER SUBSTATION SECURITY PERIMETER OWL arrangements need to permit the outage of components in a substation for maintenance and unscheduled outages. Discussion concerning substation device options provide attendees with the information to make intelligent choices regarding design features. The PGCIL moved to remote controlling sub-stations in the year 2013. It describes the nature and sources of defects including their repair and planning. The data obtained can be used for reliability centered maintenance programs that reduce maintenance costs. Search Substations Electrical Engineer jobs hiring now. £22,938 a year. The Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), shall be installed at Substations to acquire analog data such as, KW export, KW import, frequency, OLTC, power factor, maximum demand, planned outage duration & numbers, forced outage duration & numbers, electricity consumed locally, MVA capacity Training Courses 2014 – English RTU / Substation Automation / MicroSCADA ABB DEPSNM-T (22. • Remote SCS alarm investigations to decipher grouped alarms and fault rectification. 69kV/11kV) which are often even more vulnerable. Remote access to substation data and information enhanced system operation and maintenance in many ways. Remote maintenance via GSM/GPRS/EDGE The GSM Ethernet modem allows remote maintenance of machines and systems over safe VPN connections via GPRS/EDGE. This system allows utilities to continuously monitor the temperature profile and long-term thermal trends of assets within an electrical power substation remotely. We provide complete IoT solutions for various vertical markets including Smart Grid, Industrial Automation, Remote Machine Monitoring, Smart Vending, Smart City, Retail and more. The low-stress way to find your next substation maintenance engineer job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Check On load Tap Changer Lower/Raise trail by Local & Remote. Firewalls and “air gaps” can be circumvented through existing remote access tunnels, or through maintenance computers directly attached to IEDs or the station bus. io remote access service enables you to is securely access, maintain and manage the field devices and assets 24/7 without been near to the device. Below are … Continue reading "Home" Floor standing substation are ideal solution for all types of installations in the district-heating plant. Such remote maintenance function does not require the engineer being physically present at the substation. The integration of additional protection ture is hampered by its remote location. pdf from E. However, a virtualized, centrally managed system enables remote maintenance and upgrades. OSI's secure and IP-based OSIRIS™ remote terminal unit is an integral part of the OSI substation solution strategy. In case where all transmission lines have the same voltage: the substation contains high-voltage switches that allow lines to be connected or isolated for fault clearance or maintenance. So everything has to be system-controlled. The maintenance activities would be carried out by maintenance service hub (MSH). Apply to Substations Electrical Engineer, Outside Plant Engineer, and System Design Engineer jobs now! Cellwatch Frontier tests substation batteries daily to ensure that they will work when called upon. The replacement of part or all of the hardwired inter-faces with communication links requires the develop-ment and implementation of methods and The duties include coordinating the construction and design of new substations, maintenance of our existing substations, replacement & upgrades of protective relay systems, substation integration & automation systems, substation control systems, & remote terminal unit (RTU) equipment. Following the commissioning of the NTAMC, 82 substations are being remotely operated from it, including 36 unmanned substations. Check Earth resistance 6. pest control or cleaning all require an awareness of the environment and potential hazards inside substations. Get Quote. This type of substation gets the power supply from a near producing facility. The key steps in the substation designing include switching-system, Planning and placing of equipment, selection of components as well as ordering, support of engineers, structural design, the design of electrical layout, protection of relay, and major apparatus ratings. Remote Data Monitoring and Data Analysis for Substations—A Case Study in Implementation David Dolezilek and Brian McDermott Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. Apply to Substation Technician, Repairer, Salvager, Parts, and Motor Room Controller jobs now! Smart substations have built-in control and automation capabilities but can also receive commands from remote users. It will cover the following protocols: DNP3, Modbus, IEC 60870-5, IEC 61850, and ICCP. 9. Earth faults can be weekly occurrences on primary substations supplying extended high voltage rural overhead line networks. Firewalls and “air gaps” can be circumvented through existing remote access tunnels, or through maintenance, computers directly attached to IEDs or the station bus. Frontier integrates into SCADA using DNP3, SNMP or Modbus to centralize monitoring of every remote battery and integrates battery monitoring into existing maintenance proce-dures. Design and Commissioning of a Secure Substation Network Architecture. Multiple layers are necessary to ensure the cybersecurity of substations. A system-wide remote maintenance of all components connected in the network, such as drives, controllers, operator panels or visualization PCs, is implemented via the integrated Ethernet connection. Remote diagnostics Introduction Substation automation goes beyond traditional supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) to provide added capabilities and information that can further improve operations and maintenance, increase system and staff efficiencies, and leverage and defer . The smart substation should make full use of advanced technologies, such as big data, mobile interconnection, artificial intelligence, and image recognition, to realize the intelligent operation and maintenance of substation equipment in the mode of highest efficiency and lowest cost, with the functions of autonomous navigation, automatic recording, state-aware, intelligent identification, state prediction, and remote control. This versatile substation filtration trailer provides a convenient solution to manage dielectric fluid particulate, free water or dissolved water contamination. Recent cost-effective improvements in performance and power supply quality indexes have been demonstrated by utilities that have migrated from periodic and intensive corrective maintenance practices to predictive maintenance identified by substation equipment monitoring systems. The use of an RTU in a substation often simplifies design, commissioning, and maintenance. In such cases, substation contains high-voltage switches that allow lines to be connected or isolated for fault clearance or maintenance. It also presents the current and expected future trends in the development of new robot What is Remote Racking? Remote racking systems make it possible to operate circuit breakers and trip and close them remotely using a special actuator device. Additionally, an improved understanding of strategies and technology for secure remote substation access will allow utilities to SEECO designs and manufactures: group operated switches for transmission and substation applications, motor operators for automatic and remote switching applications, and current and voltage line post sensors for data collection in support of supervisory control (SCADA) and auto-sectionalizing programs. 45 Substation jobs available in Remote on Indeed. The integrated SafeGRID solution consists of an easy-to-use software application (AIMS) for central monitoring of remote substation sites, plus an all-in-one sensor connectivity platform that can be quickly and easily deployed. Occasional travel to remote system facilities. The Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) shall be installed at Substations to acquire analog data and device status signals and transfer those information to data servers at Master Stations at SLDC and BACK UP SLDC. Safe substation maintenance. De-energize normally energized equipment for work inside and outside substations; Restore equipment during unplanned outages Troubleshoot station alarms and respond to equipment failure The continuous remote supervision of substations increases the security and reliability of the power grid, optimizes operational efficiency and prevents costly direct and conse-quential damages. Solve for the following common challenges of substation battery maintenance Key features to enable NERC PRC-005 compliance and streamline battery maintenance NEMA 4 (IP65) grade protection, so system can be installed in battery room or control room for long term reliable operation The Electrical substation design is a complex method with full of engineer planning. Ringed network arrangement A typical customer substation in a ring-configured network contains two feeders and one transformer feeder. The girls work in pairs on rotating shifts. schneider. You can spend more time actually managing and maintaining IEDs and less time trying to connect to them. This voltage, GPR, is equal to the maximum grid current times the grid resistance. Remote field operations present the safety organization with a myriad of challenges when it comes to ensuring the safety of the people that you send out to work in the field every day. Remote disturbance analysis. IQ Substation Gateway is available with a full-graphic HMI, allowing simultaneous display of multiple windows to give a complete overview of substation operations. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. While cryptography allows authentication of devices, not all attacks can be prevented with these measures. Siemens delivers original manufacturer expertise, products, and consultancy, e. Top Pain Points for Remote Substation Security The failure of a key substation caused by a security breach would have a debilitating effect for homeowners, businesses, and mission-critical Smart Traction Power Substation Concepts. Remote substations TCP/IP Front-End Gateway Maintenance Addressing Translation at central system Translation at substation Internal access Use IP address Use local services Maintainability Update all nodes Update 1+ device Update all nodes Extensibility Add row to translation table Add row to translation table and local management Reliability Availability Vulnerable due to constraints Single point of failure, ‘‘store and forward’’, ‘‘cache’’ Performance May need of ‘Access obtained in local mode. (Tohoku Electric) for the maintenance of substations. The substation monitoring device described in this note meets the requirements of engineering teams by monitoring substation Emtele MUKE enables controlling the isolators in substations and produces the necessary measurements and fault indication as a modular solution or service. For example, SCADA, supervisory control and data acquisition technique made it possible to control a substation automatically from a remote location. Maintenance (Planned and unplanned) may be on call out or contract basis. Substation maintenance can present a potential risk of a power outage, but with a remote maintenance box from DEIF, the load is easily transferred from the substation to a generator so that you safely can perform maintenance of the de-energised substation without risking a power outage. My IEDs is configured to know how to automatically connect to IEDs. Digital substation is the trend for the Substation is an important part in the power distribution network. Maintenance contracts available with 24/? hour service. N. Substation switching status is visualized drives and cooling fans/filters. The communications architecture depends on the specifics of the substation and the requirements for performance, reliability and security. remote maintenance of substation

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